Short Course

Emerging Applications of FDSOI Technology

Several big players in the industry are considering FDSOI as a key technology for differentiation with respect to the standard bulk and FinFet options. The technology is booming this year; An increasing number of circuits and systems are under development for wide range of applications.

The unique features of FDSOI technology give designers more flexibility in optimizing FoMs of their design. As the application of FDSOI-based silicon expands into high performance space, circuit reliability becomes critical. In addition, complexities in nanometer regime require a renewed discussion on design methodology when implementing complex SoCs for such applications.

This short course will cover new use cases of FDSOI technology including IoT, automotive, mining, terahertz imaging, and space. Other topics include reliability for automotive applications and design methodology for IoT.

Course Organizers:

Imran Bashir, Cypress Semiconductor
Philippe Flatresse, SOITEC