Rump Session

Is 3D Really a Replacement for Moore’s Law?

Session Chair: Paul Franzon, North Carolina State University

With the last CMOS node clearly in sight, is there a technology set that will permit continued exponential scaling for several generations to come?
Often commentators include 3DIC technologies in this set, together with new materials, new architectures and applying AI to design.

But do 3DIC technologies truly give the potential for continued exponential scaling?

Does it enable exponential scaling in performance, power and (most importantly) cost? Does it enable exponential scaling for the equivalent of multiple nodes or a slower rate for the equivalent of only one or two nodes?

Panelists Include:

Carlos Diaz; TSMC, USA
Robert Patti; nHanced Semiconductors, USA
Sung-Kyu Lim; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Sergey Shumarayev; Intel, USA
Mitsu Koyanagi; Tohoku Univeristy, Japan