Negative Capacitance FET Focus Session

Negative Capacitance FET

The ferroelectric negative capacitance Field-effect transistor (NCFET) can overcome the Boltzmann tyranny in conventional MOSFETs makes them a promising candidate for ultra-low power electronics, such as IoT and sensor network applications.

This year, the S3S conference features a focus session on NCFET technology.
Four researchers from leading edge groups are invited to present their recent works in this field:

Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin (UC Berkeley) as the inventor of NCFET will review the highlights and deliver future visions of this field.
Prof. Peter Ye (Purdue University) will introduce recent progress in 2D material channel NCFET studies.
Prof. Masaharu Kobayashi (University of Tokyo)’s talk will include not only logic but also embedded memory applications based on ferroelectric HfO2.
Finally, Prof. Genquan Han (Xidian University) will present some fundamental experimental discoveries of ferroelectric properties in Ge channel NCFETs.

Very technically oriented discussions are expected during this session among the speakers and attendees.