5th Berkeley Symposium on Efficient Electronic Systems

5th Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems and Steep Transistor Workshop

The 2017 Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems will take place October 19-20 at the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Established in 2009 the goal of this event is to bring together researchers in academia, industry, and national labs from around the world working on breakthroughs in next generation low-energy information processing systems. This year, the Berkeley Symposium will join forces with the Steep Transistors Workshop in a two-day event to further expand its reach and impact. The joint event will focus on the challenges and opportunities in low-energy information processing systems, extending from new low-power nanoelectronic devices, through circuit design, chip-scale architecture, short-range interconnects, long-range interconnect, networks, software, storage systems, servers data centers and supercomputers.

On Tuesday, October 17, we host a poster session covering some of the work that will be presented at E3S to give a glimpse of this symposium to S3S attendees.

CoolCube™/3DVLSI open Workshop

This year, Leti and Qualcomm are organizing a CoolCube™/3DVLSI open Workshop dedicated to High Density 3D-IC Technologies including Monolithic 3D Integration (called CoolCube™ Technology at Leti). The workshop is held Tuesday, October 17 at the same location as the IEEE S3S Conference. The extended CoolCube™ project’s goals include building a complete ecosystem that takes the technology from design to fabrication. A first CoolCube™/3DVLSI open Workshop was organized by Leti and Qualcomm in San Diego back in 2014. Now, the Workshop has become a forum for industrial partners and ecosystem to share research and development progress in making innovative High Density 3D technologies a truly feasible path towards 3DVLSI industrialization for reliable and cost effective products. An agenda will be sent early September. A first session will be dedicated to update on Technologies and Design Enablement by both Leti and Qualcomm. Then during a second session, all partners and attendees are invited to share ideas, solutions, studies and progress related to the emerging 3D-IC technologies.

Registration is free and available to S3S attendees. However, since seating is limited, registration is by invitation only. If interested, please send an email to jean-eric.michallet@cea.fr

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