2017 Short Course FDSOI Design

PHILIPPE FLATRESSE; Soitec (Short Course Chair)

On Thursday, the IEEE S3S Conference will host a full-day FDSOI Short Course, which brings in experts from the academia and industry to teach different aspects of circuit design in FDSOI. The FDSOI Short Course is available for an additional fee and includes a light breakfast and lunch. Presentation materials will be provided on a USB drive.

The  full day short course on FDSOI intended for chip designers, technologists and new comers in the field. The tutorials will provide a wide overview of the advantages of FDSOI technology and how to efficiently design digital, analog and RF circuits for key markets such as automotive and IoT. The lectures will be given by world renown experts from academia and industry. In each field, FDSOI state of the art design techniques and methodologies enabling the development of new and innovative IPs or products will be presented. Given the FDSOI technology offering at multiple foundries and multiple nodes, including 65nm, 28nm and 22nm, this event is a unique opportunity for circuit designers to learn first-hand from distinguished experts and bring in their questions and concerns.

In addition to the following lectures, EDA vendors, IP vendors and foundry technologists will be available for in-depth discussions during break-outs and poster session.

Major Topics:

• FDSOI Fundamentals
• Body Bias Techniques
• FDSOI platforms and applications
• Low Power SoC
• IoT
• Analog and RF design


Short Course Introduction
Philippe Flatresse; Soitec

Fundamentals of FDSOI Design
Yoshiki Yamamoto; Renesas

Design for Process Compensation with On-Chip Body Bias Generation in 28nm FDSOI
Andreas Burg; Telecommunications Circuits Laboratory, EPFL

System Level FDSOI Exploration and Integration
Jeff Cunningham; NXP Semiconductors

Physical Implementation of Low Power SoC Chip based on SEC 28nm FD-SOI
Jiong Zhu; VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Ultra-Low Voltage and Ultra-Low Power Designs for IoT
Sebastien Thuries; CEA Leti

High Speed Analog Design
Yusuf Lebleblici; LSM Lab, EPFL

Leveraging FDSOI for Low Power Analog
Carlo Tinella; Asygn

Exploring the RF spectrum with FDSOI
Baudouin Martineau; Leti

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